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Importance of Ayurveda!

AYURVEDA – the Sanskrit acronym that transmutes and interweaves life’s wisdom, knowledge, principles, and practices collectively & beautifully in the mind and body.

This unique feeling of peace, tranquillity and absolute “wellness” comes to you in a traditional package called Ayurveda’ supported and experienced by the ‘panch tatya” or five rudiments namely air, water, fire, ether, and realms of creations we feel within us. These beautiful and life filled uniqueness harmonize both our inner conscious and subconscious mind and integrate external and internal world semantically.

What Ayurveda primarily does is bridging gaps and integrating all basic principles right from nature, wellness to its distinctive composition. It has taken years of research, practice, and experiments by learned doctors, who have managed to funnel down each and every product detailing based upon cause, symptoms and basic signs.

Traditionally, instinctually and naturally, we might be all in pursuit of health and wellness perfection. We have dabbled from nature to modernity, yet something natural and close to

our hearts have always aesthetically pulled us towards Ayurveda, the trusted modern medicine.

Ayurveda is considered to be the most ancient medical support to treat diseases and sustain a healthy life since this branch of science offers humongous benefits; we in recent years have started integrating various Ayurveda classes and concepts to implement the benefits in today’s world.

Ayurveda has been recognized by WHO early 1976 and ever since the journey has been phenomenal. Medicines and herbs blend to offer healthy, stress full environment. The primary aim of Ayurveda is to restore the individual balance between mind, body, and spirit.

A noteworthy fact: Ayurveda comprises of both preventive and treatment of diseases through its various branches unlike others, most common being Baluchistan (meant for toddlers and children), Kayachikitsa (Internal medicine), Shalakya Tantra9 ENT treatments), Vaji Karana – Aphrodisiac Therapy, Fertility issues, and childbirth.

  • Most important points to remember:


  • Ayurveda is the world’s most ancient healing medicine


  • Ayurveda gives rise to renewed access to all the natural sensitivities


  • Ayurveda bridges and holds the turn-key solution for resolving and healing diseases.


The entire focus of the world has now drifted towards Äyurveda since it has proven to rest of the world a superconscious experience, your soul’s behavior, destiny, worldly duties and spiritual life collected under one system called wellness.

The joy that comes to us through the five elements brings in its train absolute no loss of health. Ayurveda believes in order to avoid illness and accelerate wellness, one needs to balance three sub-stages of energies, doshas, Pitta and Kapha.

Keep reading to know more about the three substages…..

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