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The Sun & Your Body Connection

Atapa Snana is the yogic word to describe “ The healing science of SUN”.

Today, we live in a world that is flooded with paranoid messages about how dangerous the sun is. NOT CORRECT.  Let us remind you that the ancient Gurus, yogis, and many other cultures knew how to use the sun to heal many types of diseases, promote vitality & good health.


Our western countries used to exercise “The sunlight therapy” for treatments that date back to the ancient Greek times. Then, it was called “heliosis”. Now it is “Heliotherapy”. We evolved as a human race for thousands of years under the love & warmth of the sun.


Sun rays are NOT ALWAYS HARMFUL. They can be harmful at times like ultraviolet rays are. But UV rays are just one frequency of light. However, there are 8 others – Infrared & seven spectrums of clear and visible light & the bigger point is that each of these has its own healing power!

And drenching ourselves head to toe in a poisonous sunblock is definitely not the answer.


We are going to make an entire generation Vitamin D deficient because of the myths & fear of the sun.

Let us give you some interesting benefits of getting a moderate amount of sun exposure:

  1. The sun’s light kills bad bacteria. In older times, warriors used sunlight to disinfect and heal wounds. Nobel Prize winner, Niels Finsen made discoveries regarding this in 1903.  
  2. Sunlight lowers cholesterol. Sun converts high cholesterol from the blood into steroid hormones and sex hormones required for reproduction. And in sunlight’s absence, the opposite happens; substances convert to cholesterol.
  3. Sun’s rays can lower your blood pressure. Even a single exposure to sun significantly lowers blood pressure in people with high blood pressure. On the contrary, pharmaceutical drugs such as Statins have many side effects, such as robbing the body of Coenzyme Q10 which is very essential for cellular & heart energy.
  4. Sunlight increases the oxygen content in human blood. And, it also enhances the body’s capacity to deliver oxygen to the tissues just like the effects of exercise. The sun plays a vital role in improving stamina, fitness, and muscles.
  5. Sunlight builds our immune system. The lymphocytes commonly called white blood cells, increase with sun exposure. They are responsible for defending your body against infections.
  6. Regular sunlight exposure promotes growth especially height in newborn babies. Many cultures throughout history have practiced & accepted recognized this fact. Studies prove that the amount of sun exposure in the first few months decides on how tall the person grows.
  7. Sunlight cures depression. The afternoon sunshine delivers about 100,000 lux. However, when staying indoors in our offices, during the day, out of the sun, under artificial lights (150-600 lux), we deprive ourselves of the illumination of nature.

Exposure to the sun should be done SLOWLY! If you are not used to the sun, then your skin will be more sensitive towards it. Avoid sunburns by exposing your self to the morning sun first and then building up your tolerance SLOWLY.

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